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Trying to Find a Specific Brand of Contact Lenses?


If you are aware that you can only wear a specific brand of contact lenses due to bad experiences in the past with other brands, perhaps you become disappointed when you discover that your eye doctor no longer carries the brand that you have been ordering for years from the same office. You worry now that you will be forced to switch to another brand of contact lenses that may not agree well with your already sensitive eyes. You consider simply switching to wearing your glasses for everyday use and you wonder how this will also have an affect on your eyes as well as your appearance.

Before giving up hope of finding the brand of contact lenses that you are used to, consider that you can order contact lenses from other sources if your current eye doctor chooses not to carry the brand that you prefer. Consider that first you will need to ask your eye doctor for a current contact lens prescription in order to have the ability to order from other sources. Once you are able to obtain this prescription you can actually take your prescription to any other eye doctor office who carries the contact lens brand that you love, referred to as Acuvue Moist.

Make sure you obtain the correct spelling and exact name of the contact lens brand so that you can be sure you are ordering the brand that you love so much. If you would like, you can also order your prescription through the internet as well. This is a great and convenient option for people who find that they are very busy and do not wish to spend a great deal of time in search of another doctor's office who carries the brand.